Reducing CO2 Emissions

Fundamental changes are needed to reduce the amount of CO2 that we emit from industrial processes and energy generation in order to respond to the threat of climate change.


Global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) have increased by almost 50 per cent since 1990. Given current concentrations and on-going emissions of greenhouse gases, the IPCC considers that it is likely that by the end of this century, the increase in global temperature will exceed 1.5°C compared to 1850 to 1900.

Cement and Lime

Calix is a leader in Project LEILAC (Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement) due to be completed in 2020.

Alongside HeidelbergCement, Cemex, Lhoist and Tarmac, Project LEILAC utilises Calix technology – changing the way the limestone is heated – to enable direct capture of the limestone-produced carbon dioxide.

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Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen is a gas that, when burned, produces only water as an emission.

Calix technology is being developed to enable hydrogen production with carbon capture. Calix is also part of Project ASCENT, which addresses the need for original ideas to reduce the energy penalty associated with capturing carbon dioxide during power generation.

Marine Transport

Maritime transport emits around one billion tonnes of CO2 annually.

Calix technology is being developed to capture sulphur and carbon dioxide emissions in ships with a system called RECAST.

Calix is currently seeking funding to develop RECAST.

Advanced Battery

The increased interest in electric vehicles and the need for efficient, cheap, and high-capacity electricity storage means there is a global demand for better batteries. There will be a need to create advanced materials for lithium ion batteries that deliver superior performance at a fraction of the cost, with improved ease-of-recycling.

Calix is developing advanced materials for lithium ion batteries.

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September 02, 2019 \ Reducing CO2 Emissions
Calix successfully demonstrates CO2 separation at Project LEILAC in Belgium

The LEILAC consortium is pleased to provide an update on the project since completion of construction in early May. Preliminary

May 18, 2019 \ Reducing CO2 Emissions
Project LEILAC has successfully started the commissioning process

The commissioning activities over April has involved successful test firing the furnace burners, the testing of each process line, a

March 26, 2019 \ Reducing CO2 Emissions
Calix seeks funding to make global shipping carbon-negative

Calix is applying its core technology platform to make global shipping carbon-negative. Maritime transport emits around one billion tonnes of

Solving global challenges

Solving global challenges has been the basis of our passion and our business for over a decade, in our quest to become a leading global innovator of industrial solutions for the environment.

Because there is only one Earth.

Mars is for quitters!

Our purpose explained.

Calix has unique potential to scale solutions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Calix’s solutions for Reducing CO2 Emissions help us contribute to many global goals, particularly SDG 13 – taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Our Sustainability Series dives deeper into each of these challenges and explains how Calix contributes.

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