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Calix Global Challenges

Joffrey Bourdareau \ May 18, 2019

Welcome to Issue Number 31 of the Calix Newsletter.

“A lot has happened since our last newsletter in February, 2019.

Our LEILAC (Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement) Project in Belgium was officially opened at completion of construction by Cristoph Streicher, General Manager Benelux and Peter Lukas, Global Director of Environmental Sustainability for HeidelbergCement on May 7 – having been completed on time and on budget. We wait with anticipation while our first “fingerprinting runs” are conducted to prove the process technically over the next few weeks.

Our ACTI-Mag businesses in waste water continues to find new applications, with feature in this newsletter on chromium treatment from tannery waste. Also, our AQUA-Cal business continues to grow very quickly, in China, with twelve containers shipped so far this year compared to one last year.

Our BOOSTER-Mag product continues its commercialisation, with a fourth Material Transfer Agreement signed with a global major crop protection company.

You may have noticed a change in the design of this newsletter – we have also undertaken a brand refresh and will be rolling out our new marketing materials and a fresh website over the course of the next few months. We feature this brand refresh and its underlying reasons and messages in this newsletter.

We at Calix hope you enjoy reading about our progress in this newsletter and thank the continued support of our shareholders and stakeholders


  • Project LEILAC has successfully commenced the commissioning process on time and budget
  • Extending the life of pumping stations by 20 years
  • Chromium precipitation at a tannery plant
  • More milestones for Calix’s safe, sustainable crop protection product BOOSTER-Mag
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Magnesium hydroxide is the least expensive and most powerful alkaline chemical treatment available on the market for pH control applications.

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✔️@ProjectLEILAC update
✔️Caustic replacement solution
✔️AMALGAM customer story from IER
✔️ Sustainability Series - #Food

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