Our focus areas

Our growth strategy is based on key pillars of sustainability:
Climate, energy, food and water.

Driven by our corporate purpose of solving global challenges, our aspiration is to become a leading global innovator of industrial solutions for the environment. Our structure is organised around five market-focused Business Lines supported by world-class strategic, technical, operational, and corporate functions.

Advanced Batteries

Calix materials can  improve the efficiency of energy storage options whilst reducing costs and environmental footprint.

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Calix’s nano-active materials can help address sustainability challenges in agriculture, human health or increase the performance of specialty coatings.

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CO2 Mitigation

Calix’s technology is being piloted with the world’s largest cement and lime companies to mitigate their carbon dioxide emissions without significant energy or capital penalty.

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Sustainable Processing

Calix’s technology can help improve the sustainability of existing industrial processes through a more optimised use of mineral and chemical resources, and the use of renewable sources of energy.

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To improve the sustainability of water and wastewater treatment, while reducing operating costs.

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With global climate, energy, and sustainability issues set to intensify, Calix has identified some key challenges that have emerged in the last decade and are increasingly putting our planet at risk.

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Latest News

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BORON MOLECULAR Specialty chemical and polymer manufacturer Boron Molecular is drawing on its chemical synthesis and large-scale production expertise to

July 28, 2021 \ Reducing CO2 Emissions
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July 28, 2021 \ Making Better Batteries
Latest developments “Cracking the onion”

We have continued to optimise our lithium manganese oxide (LMO) technology for lithium-ion battery cathodes. This is a far lower


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