Feeding billions of extra mouths poses an unprecedented challenge to human ingenuity.


If done right, agriculture and aquaculture can provide nutritious food for all, while generating decent incomes to support and protect rural development and the environment.

For prawn & shrimp farming

Calix AQUA-Cal+ is a water conditioner that safely tackles water quality and pond bottom sludge, to create an environment that delivers improved feed performance and yield.

It has already begun to transform prawn and shrimp farming, as well as fin fish farming. As well as improving water conditions, it reduces stress on the animals and leads to increased harvest weight and survival rates, while reducing energy costs and protecting the environment.

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For agriculture

Calix BOOSTER-Mag is a revolutionary agricultural solution for increased yield, more efficient fertiliser usage, insect / pest management, and fungal control.

Safe, low cost, environmentally sustainable and easy-to-apply, BOOSTER-Mag can improve yield and natural resistance to pests and diseases. It demonstrably provides substantial safety, simplicity, sustainability and productivity benefits.

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September 02, 2019 \ Making Crop Protection Safer
Calix and Afepasa enter 10-year distribution licence agreement for agriculture product

Calix Ltd (ASX:CXL) has executed its first bioactive magnesium hydroxide (known as BOOSTER-Mag) distribution agreement with Afepasa – –

May 12, 2019 \ Making Crop Protection Safer
Sustainable crop protection product BOOSTER-Mag

BOOSTER-Mag is a safe, low cost, environmentally sustainable and easy-to-apply foliar spray that can improve productivity and natural resistance to

December 24, 2018 \ Feeding the Growing Human Population
AQUA-Cal+™ is now being used in factory shrimp farms in Northern China

China, with one-fifth of the world’s population, accounts for two-thirds of the world’s reported aquaculture production. China is one of

Solving global challenges

Solving global challenges has been the basis of our passion and our business for over a decade, in our quest to become a leading global innovator of industrial solutions for the environment.

Because there is only one Earth. Mars is for quitters.

Our purpose explained ->

Calix has unique potential to scale solutions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Calix’s solutions for Food help us contribute to many global goals, particularly SDG 2 – ensuring sustainable food production systems and implement resilient practices that increase productivity and production, help maintain ecosystems, strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change, and progressively improve land and soil quality.

Our Sustainability Series dives deeper into each of these challenges and explains how Calix contributes.

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