Odour Control Demonstration at Regional NSW Council

Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment

Michael Wheatland \ February 20, 2020

A regional socially responsible NSW council, committed to providing a well managed water network as per Outcome 1.4 of the council’s ‘A Growing Sustainable Economy’ goals, contacted Calix to help them understand the performance of ACTI-Mag for odour control.

As with any sewer network, challenges with water remaining within pipes and pump wells can result in the waste-water going sour and generating hydrogen sulphide, a highly odorous gas that can also present a safety risk to workers when performing maintenance within these structures.

The council has, over many years, proactively investigated, tested and implemented odour management solutions.

Calix was asked to provide an alternative solution for odour control. ACTI-Mag, which is both safe and cost-effective, is a highly active Magnesium Hydroxide-based product designed to stabilise pH very quickly and sustain it over a very long residence time within the sewer network.

Stabilisation of pH forces the sulphides to remain in solution, preventing their release as smelly and hazardous hydrogen sulphide gas.


Hydrogen sulphide emissions from pump stations.

Using hazardous chemicals for sulphide capture.


ACTI-Mag for locking sulphide in solution and pH control.


Safer, more sustainable solution for hydrogen sulphide control.

Happy council operators, workers and community.


ACTI-Mag was shown to be 4 times more effective than the current dosing regimen of calcium nitrate, and 14 times more effective than the baseline data (no dosing).

Hydrogen sulphide was reduced by 93 per cent with the addition of ACTI-Mag, meaning no more odour complaints at the discharge point while corrosion within the network was significantly reduced.

ACTI-Mag for odour control

ACTI-Mag has a higher neutralising value per kilo when compared with caustic while being significantly safer to handle than other traditional alkalis, making it a very safe
and cost competitive option for hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) control in sewers.

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