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Introducing Sajeewani Fernando, Materials Scientist

Calix Global Challenges

Adam Vincent \ June 26, 2020

Sajeewani joined Calix Limited as a Materials Scientist in 2012, to assist the Research and Development team on various projects such as the development of new recipes for MgO based products, slurries, and to carry out tests on various other product developments.

Over the years, she assisted the development and improvement of several Calix products such as ACTI-Mag, PROTECTA-Mag, BOOSTER-Mag and AQUA-Cal+.

Before joining Calix, Sajeewani worked as a forensic analyst at the Government Analyst Department of Sri Lanka for eight years. She also worked as a chemist at Heychem Pty Limited, a pesticide manufacturing company. Sajeewani completed a Bachelor of Science and MSc in analytical chemistry at the University of Preradeniya, Sri Lanka.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family – her husband Nilantha, 12-year-old son Lesandu and 2-year-old daughter Thinuli. Outside of her work, she loves books and travelling.

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