We help airports control odours from wastewater and protect sewer assets more effectively.

More people = more waste = more odour and corrosion

While major airports have sizeable budgets for aspects such as runway upgrades and terminal expansions, new problems are cropping up that had never been anticipated. One of these is the now-close proximity of foot traffic to sewage assets, plus increased pressure on facilities to cater for more people. Put simply, more people means more waste, which means more odour and accelerated corrosion of assets.

Your challenges

Airports have seen steadily increasing passenger numbers over the past three decades, putting significant pressure on their assets.

Airports around the world are responding by upgrading runways, retail shops and terminal facilities without a corresponding investment in their sewerage infrastructure. This can lead to accelerated corrosion of sewerage assets and increasing odour issues.

As airports prepare for continued increases in traveller numbers, strategic maintenance of sewer assets will be a key factor in improving passenger experience and boosting the airport’s reputation.

Our Solutions

We get rid of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) issues and odour complaints while reducing operating costs by helping operations become more efficient. We solve ageing network issues with cost effective solutions  that maximise performance while minimising disruptive maintenance, and protect ageing assets and infrastructure.

Odour Control

Calix ACTI-Mag is made using Calix technology to produce a unique, stable and very high surface area magnesium hydroxide formula that helps reduce the formation of hydrogen sulphide, eliminating odour issues, while improving the performance of wastewater treatment.

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Asset Corrosion Protection

PROTECTA-Mag prevents corrosion by raising surface pH, thus neutralising acids and inhibiting the formation of acid-producing bacteria. PROTECTA-Mag offers an innovative and cost-effective solution for corrosion prevention in horizontal sewer assets.

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Customer Stories

Protecting Ageing Infrastructure \ Airports
Manhole Corrosion Protection Technology at Ormeau, Gold Coast City Council

PROTECTA-Mag extends lifespan and reduces cost of manhole maintenance at Gold Coast City Council (GCCC), Queensland, Australia.


From mine to customer

Calix is able to offer better service, reliability and performance to its customers because it controls the entire production process from mining of raw materials, processing and production.

Calix owns and operates a mine in South Australia as well as production, testing facilities and manufacturing plants. The ability to hydrate our high surface area MgO in our patented, close-to customer facilities creates multiple benefits for our customers and local communities.

Our AS/NZS ISO 9001 certified quality system and safety, health and environmental management system are vital elements of our engineering and quality services.

Faster Reactivity = Cost Savings

Calix’s solutions are manufactured using Calix Technology, which involves grinding minerals to particles around one thousandth of a millimetre in size, and then “flash” heating them in a very short time at up to 1.000 degrees Celsius. As trapped gases in the mineral “bubble out” of the particles, we snap freeze them in a very high energy state, leaving a very porous, honey-comb-like structure.

New materials produced by Calix Technology are proving to have similar properties to highly active nano-materials, without the safety concerns and high cost, but with all the benefits. This means it has the high reactivity of nano-material, without the potential health and handling issues.

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Calix has its own direct delivery, service and support capabilities and also has an established a network of local distributors and partners that can provide the best solution for your specific needs and ensure you receive excellent customer service and support.

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Calix is committed to providing a high level of customer service. Whether you are looking for information relating to our solutions, have a comment, are looking for a new career, or want information on our performance, use the form below to get started.

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Calix has unique potential to scale solutions to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Calix’s solutions for Airports help us contribute to many global goals, particularly SDG9 – upgrading infrastructure and retrofiting industries to make them sustainable, with increased resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes.

Our Sustainability Series dives deeper into each of these challenges and explains how Calix contributes.

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