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Calix leverages a culture of innovation to provide fully customised services such as design, engineering, installation, piping and commissioning services to provide turnkey systems for chemical dosing.

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  • Are you paying too much for your MHL dosing units?
  • Need to reduce odours without significant capital expenditures?
  • Need a system that is compatible with your SCADA systems?
  • Tired of flushing your IBCs?
  • Need a solution tailored to your specific site requirements?


We can help you review and optimise your wastewater process to make sure your system is running smoothly and cost effectively.

Our engineered and cost-effective solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.

Quick to install – our modular dosing units can be delivered on site by truck and are fast to set up and connect.

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Key Benefits

Attractive cost savings
Eliminate odour complaints
Safe and non-hazardous
Optimise your budget
Corrosion free
Turnkey solutions


The standard dosing can be deployed in optional configurations as required by specific sites. Where the units will be deployed in a public space or a site with low security, the system can be fitted with external cladding to prevent damage due to vandalism. Where the system is exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures as is common with remote sites, the systems can come fitted in an insulated panel.

ACTI-Mag is not categorised as a dangerous chemical and in most jurisdictions does not require bunding. However to reduce the impact of any spills customers can opt to have the unit in a fully bunded enclosure.


Calix’s standard MHL dosing system is a compact, reliable and innovative system based on years of experience with Magnesium Hydroxide Liquid. The system includes a 2000L conical tank, a peristaltic pump capable of dosing up to 70L of ACTI-Mag per hour, an external recirculation pump to keep the product homogeneous and a water flush line to keep the dosing line clear and reduce build-up. The system can operate in a variety of control modes based on the customers requirements.

These include dosing when the pump station is running, dosing based on daily schedule or continuously varying its dose rate based on inputs from the customers sites. The varying options allow the system to dose the optimal amount of ACTI-Mag for your needs. The standard dosing system is suitable for sites that do not require bunding or additional security. The systems can be easily loaded and unloaded with a forklift.


For larger sites that require additional storage capacity, security or flexibility Calix can provide fully containerised dosing systems. These systems can be based on our standard layout and format or can be custom engineered to your requirements. Storage sizes can range from 600L – 6000L in a fully bunded system. For sites that have an external bund external tanks up to 12,500L can be used. Multiple tanks can used to achieve the capacity requirements of the customers site.


The unit can be integrated into the customers SCADA network through a MODBUS TCP connection directly into the PLC controller.

The units only require a 10amp GPO, and come with a 15m fly lead attached as standard.

A water supply with an installed RPZ Valve with a minimum pressure of 6 bar is required for water flushing.

We recommend using ACTI-Mag to optimise MHL dosing in our units.

Calix ACTI-Mag lowers chemical consumption and ensures easier use, handling and storage, thus considerably reducing costs. ACTI-Mag also offers the following benefits:

  • Odour control
  • pH adjustment and alkalinity boost
  • Fats, oils and greases control
  • Phosphate removal
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) reduction
  • Biogas management
Find out more about ACTI-Mag benefits

ACTI-Mag offers a range of benefits

Significantly safer than other traditional alkalis, ACTI-Mag is a very cost competitive option for pH adjustment in waste streams, as well as for several other applications including odour and FOG (fat, oil and grease) control, or phosphorus removal from wastewater.

Customer Stories

Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Municipalities
Magnesium Hydroxide liquid for odour control, Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Replace lime and alum with Calix’s ACTI-Mag magnesium hydroxide liquid at Cassowary Coast Region, QLD, Australia.

Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Municipalities
Solving extreme H2S odor, El Centro

ACTI-Mag reduces the odor to manageable levels at El Centro, Southern California, United-States.

Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \
Chrome Precipitation at a tannery, Casino Hide Tanners

ACTI-Mag is a highly reactive, concentrated and stabilised suspension of Magnesium Hydroxide manufactured by hydrating ultra high surface area Magnesium


People, unique technology, partners, and track record

  • Calix Technology

Faster reactivity = less costs

Calix core technology makes high surface area materials (with a honeycomb-like structure), giving you a price and a reactivity advantage.

Our materials are proving to have similar properties to highly active nano-materials, without the health/safety concerns and high cost, but with all the benefits.

To learn more about how Calix technology works, click here.


  • Calix supply chain

Calix is able to offer better service, reliability and performance to its customers because it controls the entire production process from mining of raw materials, processing and production.

Calix owns and operates a mine, production, testing facilities and close-to-customers manufacturing plants.

From mine to customer!

  • Continuous Improvement

Calix is committed to providing process development, manufacture, delivery and application of mineral based
products and services that meet the needs of our customers.

We aim to ensure that quality is everyone’s aim throughout the organisation and that each employee has a sound understanding of the importance of our quality management system and their direct effect to our continuous success.

Our AS/NZS ISO 9001 certified quality system and safety, health and environmental management system are vital elements of our engineering and quality services.

Calix has its own direct delivery, service and support capabilities and also has an established a network of local distributors and partners that can provide the best solution for your specific needs and ensure you receive excellent customer service and support, wherever you are located.

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