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ACTI-Mag boosts energy from a co-generation anaerobic digestors

Audrey Barucchi \ March 20, 2020
Home \ ACTI-Mag boosts energy from a co-generation anaerobic digestors

In this webinar, Michael will explain how you can use ACTI-Mag to improve wastewater treatment performance and boost biogas generation.

Topic: ACTI-Mag boosts energy from a co-generation anaerobic digestors

Date: Thursday 23rd of April

Time: 10 am (AEDT)


Biogas production can be tricky. Biological system efficiency can be upset easily.

A new development in the field of micron-sized Nano-Active Magnesium Hydroxide – ACTI-Mag – has shown strong improvement in biodigester stability, gas quantity and methane content through stabilised alkalinity and the active surface. Boosting biogas and power generation up to 20%.

Calix recognises that Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) management must be integrated into all operations in our organisation. In light of the latest advice on corona virus, and the need to work more remotely, Calix has created a series of webinars so you can take advantage of Calix’s know-how without leaving your home or office!

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