ACTI-Mag Customer Story Chromium precipitation at a tannery plant

Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment

Audrey Barucchi \ May 12, 2019

The use of Magnesium Oxide (MgO) anti-acid agents in the leather tanning process is a worldwide industry practice. MgO is a simple chemical, but a complex material. Different types of processing, sources of production, and end-use requirements result in MgO products with very different physical characteristics, although chemically very similar.

A large Australian tannery plant was finding it difficult to mix and react MgO with water (“hydration”) and the process was very labour intensive. After discussions with Calix, they replaced its MgO hydration plant with a bulk storage plant to use Calix ACTI-Mag.

Produced by Calix’s patented Calix Flash Calcination (CFC) process, ACTI-Mag is a highly reactive, concentrated and stabilised suspension of magnesium hydroxide. Its particles have a very high surface area, which makes it more effective in “nucleating Chromium precipitation” – in effect forcing the chromium out of the waste water stream.

As such, ACTI-Mag is also applicable to the precipitation of a range of metals in waste streams – not just chromium. Calix’s development efforts continue with this product, with a focus on improving its range of applications.

Calix ACTI-Mag is also safe to handle, non-toxic, and non-hazardous to humans and the environment.


ACTI-Mag for Odour Control

ACTI-Mag has a higher neutralising value per kilo when compared with caustic while being significantly safer to handle than other traditional alkalis, making it a very safe
and cost competitive option for hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) control in sewers.

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