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Fighting COVID-19 on the front lines of wastewater management

Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment

Audrey Barucchi \ May 28, 2020

Wastewater management professionals are playing a silent-yet-crucial role in the fight against COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus.

One of the most important preventative actions people can take against COVID-19 is to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly. While consumers expect clean water to come out of their taps on demand, they often aren’t aware of what goes on behind the scenes to keep that water clean.

Wastewater treatment plays a pivotal role in public health. Regular wastewater treatment methods are sufficient to protect against infection through water. Wastewater is, therefore, a critical activity and the work being done by wastewater treatment plant operators is essential in this race against COVID-19.

These workers are the silent heroes behind the scenes of this pandemic, showing up to work every day and ensuring that clean water is available to help maintain strong hygiene practices to avoid infection.

Wastewater treatment is also a vital service because of the role it plays not just in keeping cities and towns sanitary but also in solving some of the humanitarian challenges being faced globally. More than half the global population lacks access to clean water, and three quarters of households in developing countries don’t have access to somewhere to wash with soap and water. This could become significant as COVID-19 continues to spread; handwashing with soap and water is one of the key ways to avoid infection.

Water infrastructure is underfunded according to the UN, despite the essential role it plays in maintaining sanitation and healthy living conditions. Treating wastewater is expensive but it can deliver a strong return on investment, particularly when wastewater is used to generate biogas for clean energy.

Given the exceptional importance of ongoing and reliable wastewater treatment, Calix would like to thank all those in the wastewater industry who continue to work during these challenging times to help ensure public safety. 


Michael Wheatland, Business Development Manager  Australia New Zealand Region

about the role of wastewater treatment in a more sustainable world:

“Our product ACTI-Mag helps improve wastewater quality, which has a positive and sustainable impact on the waterways of cities and our country. Because at Calix we believe that Mars is for quitters, we make it our duty to look after our environment, and to keep doing all we can to look after our waterways”

Sustainability Series

With global climate, energy, and sustainability issues set to intensify, Calix has identified some key challenges that have emerged in the last decade and are increasingly putting our planet at risk. We’ve developed a Sustainability Series, in which we dive deeper into these challenges and explain how Calix can contribute.

Find out more about Calix’s ACTI-Mag and how it can help make wastewater treatment more sustainable, and help us transition towards renewable energies.

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for chemical dosing of magnesium hydroxide.

Calix has leveraged a culture of innovation to design, engineer and construct a series of dosing units, adapted to different pump station size, locations and specific requirements to simplify the dosing of ACTI-Mag against sewerage odour and fat build-up, without extensive investment in infrastructure and maintenance.

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Significantly safer than other traditional alkalis, ACTI-Mag is a very cost competitive option for pH adjustment in waste streams, as well as for several other applications including odour and FOG (fat, oil and grease) control, or phosphorus removal from wastewater.


October 23, 2020 \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment

A safe, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective alternative to the use of Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda, NaOH) for wastewater pH and alkalinity control.

September 29, 2020 \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment
pH & Alkalinity – How are they related?

The relationship between pH & alkalinity is intimately connected with the chemistry of the aqueous bicarbonate equilibrium system. 

September 25, 2020 \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment
Introducing John Van Wingerden

John enjoys giving proactive service to his own customers and leads business development of AMALGAM products for the wastewater industry.

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