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Audrey Barucchi \ February 20, 2020
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Welcome to Issue Number 34 of the Calix Newsletter.

In our first Newsletter for 2020, we feature two recent significant events – the opening of our new BATMn facility at Bacchus Marsh by Senator David Van, and the Innovation in Industrial Carbon Capture Conference in Maastricht, hosted by our LEILAC Project. Both events marked significant milestones in Calix’s technology development into advanced batteries and CO2 mitigation in the cement and lime industries.

We also feature a customer story from our water treatment business, where ACTI-Mag was shown to improve odour control for a sewer network managed by a regional NSW council. Indeed water, and specifically making water treatment more sustainable, is the theme in the latest issue of our Sustainability Series, which has already covered CO2 mitigation, advanced batteries, and sustainable crop protection. Calix is developing some exciting technology in all these areas.

Our crop protection product, BOOSTER-Mag, is just emerging into commercial sales. In the newsletter, we report on the launch of AFEPASA-Mg in Europe, utilising our BOOSTER-Mag magnesium as a key ingredient, by our partner AFEPASA. The first tonnes of product have been shipped ready for the 2020 European summer – and we look forward to reporting on our first commercial season there. Trial results continue to prove BOOSTER-Mag’s effectiveness, and we remain very enthusiastic about its application in safe, sustainable and cost-effective crop protection.

As always, we would like to thank our shareholders and stakeholders for their support. We look forward to 2020 and building on the considerable success already achieved in 2019.


  • Calix BATMn reactor: a game-changer for advanced battery research
  • Project LEILAC update: Innovation in Industrial Carbon Capture Conference
  • ACTI-Mag customer story: odour control demonstration at Regional NSW Council
  • Understanding the global challenges we solve: Improving water quality sustainably
  • BOOSTER-Mag update: a great year ahead
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The @ProjectLEILAC 2 demonstration plant will be a four-fold scale-up of the @ProjectLEILAC 1 pilot plant, currently undergoing operational testing @the_hc_group cement plant in Belgium
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Calix-Led Consortium executes final project agreements for
@ProjectLeilac 2 CO2 capture facility.
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