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Calix Global Challenges

Joffrey Bourdareau \ August 18, 2019

Welcome to Issue Number 32 of the Calix Newsletter.

“Since our last newsletter in May, the Calix team has continued to work hard on several fronts to drive forward the successful implementation of our commercial roadmap since we listed on the ASX in July, 2018.

We were very pleased to announce a significant, and early, commercial milestone with the execution of our first BOOSTER-Mag license agreement with Afepasa – one of the largest suppliers of sulphur-based fertilisers and crop protection products in Europe. We look forward to working with Afepasa to develop the market for a safe, sustainable crop protection solution across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, over the next ten years subject to minimum sales hurdles. Making safer mineral-based alternatives to fungicides and pesticides is one of the global challenges Calix’s unique technology can be used for. To understand more on how Calix can help make crop protection safer, read our latest Sustainability Series feature attached.

We also announced the early commissioning results from our Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement (LEILAC) project in Belgium, Europe – proving the concept and de-risking some significant technical elements, for the application of Calix’s Direct CO 2 Separation technology in the lime and cement industries. There is still work to do to prove the robustness and throughputs over the course of the next 18 months, but our consortium members including HeidelbergCement, Cemex and Lhoist, are very pleased with these early results.

And most recently, we announced the receipt of a $3m grant under the Australian Federal Governments’ Department of Industry, Innovation and Science CRC-P scheme, where Calix will lead the $9.3845m “CRC-P for Advanced Hybrid Batteries” with a consortium including Deakin University and Boron Molecular Pty Ltd. The aim of the program is to produce safe, low cost, highly recyclable lithium ion batteries to commercial prototype, using Calix’s unique technology to produce special cathode and anode materials. Along with previously established R&D networks in storEnergy in Australia and Polystorage in Europe, Calix’s roadmap to utilise its unique technology to develop medium and longer-term solutions to better batteries is now in place.

Watch this space for more information on our technology, our roadmap, and why we think we have a unique solution of high potential importance in our next Calix Sustainability Series feature on batteries.

The Calix team thanks you for your continuing interest in the company, and hope you enjoy reading further about our progress in this newsletter”


  • Calix successfully demonstrates CO2 separation at Project LEILAC in Belgium
  • Solving Australia’s industrial wastewater challenges
  • Calix awarded over $3.5M in new projects for technology development in Australia and Europe.
  • Calix and Afepasa enter 10-year distribution licence agreement for agriculture product.
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Calix awarded over $3.5M in new projects for technology development in Australia and Europe

New $9.4m Australian CRC-P Project led by Calix to develop advanced batteries. The CRC-P (Cooperative Research Centre Projects) program is

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