Sustainability Series

Our Sustainability Series dives deeper into each global challenges and explains how Calix contributes.

We’re driven to use our unique skills to repair, preserve and prevent future harm to our planet.


Improving the sustainability of water treatment
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Feeding the growing human population
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Protecting ageing infrastructure
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Making crop protection safer
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Making better batteries
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Reducing CO2 emissions
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Creating renewable energy
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Solving global challenges

Solving global challenges has been the basis of our passion and our business for over a decade, in our quest to become a leading global innovator of industrial solutions for the environment.

Because there is only one Earth.

Mars is for quitters!

Our purpose explained.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are largely accepted to contribute to climate change, with governments around the world setting targets to reduce these emissions as well as setting up emissions trading schemes whereby companies must pay for the CO2 they emit under ‘cap and trade’ type systems. From 2021, the European Commission will be reducing its CO2 cap by 2.2 per cent each year. The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has consequently seen the price of CO2 rise from less than three euros per tonne in 2013 to 25 euros per tonne in August 2018. That price has backed off slightly but the over-arching trend represents considerable pressure on companies to reduce their emissions. While the US and China don’t have an ETS / ‘cap and trade’ system, China is closing down old cement plants with high emissions and building new plants that will create fewer emissions.

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Making Crop Protection Safer

In Europe, fungicides and pesticides need to be re-registered every 10 years to ensure they comply with stringent safety standards. Many of the products in use currently are unlikely to achieve re-registration in the next few years, creating demand for safer alternatives. The cost to develop a new crop protection product averages US$250 million and 10 years, but farmers need safe, affordable crop protection products now. There is therefore increased interest in products that are safer and better for the environment, such as mineral-based sprays that improve productivity and boost resistance to pests and diseases.

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Calix is a team of dedicated people developing a unique, patented technology to provide industrial solutions that address global sustainability challenges.