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Quality Management

Making a positive difference for the long-term.

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At Calix, we consider quality to be everyone’s personal responsibility. We regard quality as an integral and essential component of every aspect of our business. Product and customer service excellence is the objective of the Board, management team, managers and employees at Calix.

Product Quality Policy

Calix is committed to providing process development, manufacture, delivery and application of mineral based products and services that meet the needs of interested parties.

We aim to ensure that quality is everyone’s aim throughout the organisation and that each employee has a sound understanding of the importance of our quality management system and their direct effect to our continuous success.

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As a customer of ours, we value your feedback.

Calix is committed to providing excellent customer service and maintaining great relationships with all our customers.

You can submit a complaint, give a compliment or offer a suggestion to help us improve our products and services.

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We are ISO 9001 certified

Our quality management system meets the international  requirements of ISO 9001:2015, which is continually maintained and improved.

Our ISO 9001 certification qualifies that our internal systems are effective, consistent and efficient, but also reveals our commitment to providing quality water treatment solutions to all our existing and prospective customers.

Meet Anna Tran, Safety Health Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Manager

“You can’t continue improving things if we are not learning together and improving together. […] Safety isn’t just safety, everybody contributes to safety and to quality as a team.” 

Last news

June 09, 2021
AMALGAM Mg(OH)2: alternative to caustic soda for wastewater treatment – with Birch Bay Water & Sewer

A safe and cost-effective alternative to the use of sodium hydroxide [caustic soda, NaOH] for wastewater alkalinity and pH adjustment

June 09, 2021
Magnesium Hydroxide’s Role in Sludge Compaction

Trying to determine how to improve wastewater sludge dewatering and compaction can be a very complicated process.  The root cause

June 07, 2021 \ Making Crop Protection Safer
Effects of MgO and Mg(OH)2 Microparticle Foliar Treatment

Effects of Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Hydroxide Microparticle Foliar Treatment on Tomato PR Gene Expression and Leaf Microbiome

May 06, 2021 \ Calix Global Challenges
“From an idea to a global company” feat. James O’Loghlin & Mark Sceats

Welcome to the first Episode of INNOVATING FOR THE EARTH with innovation expert and radio and TV presenter James O’Loghlin

April 19, 2021 \ Reducing CO2 Emissions
Important Milestones for Project LEILAC

LEILAC-2 passes pre-FEED milestone, with construction to be hosted at one of HeidelbergCement’s sites in Germany. Calix is pleased to


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