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Multinational company Solvay has joined the LEILAC Project Consortium

Reducing CO2 Emissions

Daniel Rennie \ November 22, 2019

Calix announces chemical multinational company Solvay has joined the LEILAC Project Consortium.

Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, committed to developing chemistry that addresses key societal challenges. Solvay innovates and partners with customers worldwide in many diverse end-markets. Its lightweighting materials promote cleaner mobility, its formulations optimize the use of resources, and its performance chemicals improve air and water quality. Solvay is dedicated to a circular economy and collaborates with game-changers to spark the impact of cleaner and sustainable solutions globally. It is a world leader in soda ash and sodium bicarbonate sector, products which are used in many applications or end-products (glass, detergents, chemicals, feed, food, air pollution control, healthcare). The “Solvay Process” uses amongst other feedstocks, limestone (for lime) and CO2 to produce soda ash. One of the LEILAC Project objectives is to demonstrate Calix’s Direct Separation of CO2 from processing limestone to produce lime.

Responsibility is a fundamental part of Solvay’s identity. In an effort to guide the Group – and society at large – towards a more sustainable tomorrow, Solvay has defined five sustainable development targets for 2025, and created the Solvay Way, a program that turns their ambitions into concrete actions, and has also developed the Sustainable Portfolio Management tool, to link together strategy & sustainability. Recently, Solvay launched a new target: it committed to reducing its absolute GHG emissions of its operations by 1 Mt CO2 by 2025, compared with the 2017 level, at constant scope. Effectively fighting global warming requires decreasing GHG emissions in absolute value, and Solvay is disconnecting its GHG emissions from its growth prospects.

Solvay is joining the LEILAC project to help the consortium address the technical challenges in developing this carbon capture technology to both the lime and cement industries, and investigate the application of the technology to the Solvay Process, which would support Solvay’s objective to reduce its CO2 emissions.

September 15, 2020 \ Reducing CO2 Emissions
RECAST – A System to Decarbonise Long-Distance Shipping

RECAST could deliver decarbonisation of shipping with conventional engines, using lime as a sorbent and as part of the fuel for the ship.

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Final project agreements executed for LEILAC-2 CO2 capture facility

The success of the The Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement (LEILAC) project, to separate and capture CO2 from the

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Final project agreements executed for LEILAC-2 CO2 capture facility

Press Release Calix has announced that final project agreements have been executed for the scale-up of its Low Emissions Intensity

LEILAC (Low Emissions Intensity Lime And Cement) is a European Union Horizon 2020 (H2020) research and innovation project.

Calix’s technology is being piloted with the world’s largest cement and lime companies to mitigate their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions dramatically without significant energy or capital penalty.

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