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Sustainable processing

Calix’s technology can help improve the sustainability of exisiting industrial processes through a more optimised use of mineral and chemical resources, and the use of renewable sources of energy.

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Utilising Calix’s patented thermal mineral technology, clients are able to capture and recycle mineral off-gas, extract higher ore yields through fines processing and create higher value end products from low grade ore.


A growing number of businesses are treating “sustainability” as an important objective in their strategy and operations to increase growth and global competitiveness.

Calix flash calcination technology is at the cutting edge of high quality, adaptable technology that represents the next generation of thermal mineral processing. Easy integration into existing processes or creation of new markets means reducing costs, fewer emissions and higher yield.

  • Electrical calcination
  • Processing fine ore
  • CO2 off-gas capture
  • Renewable energy compatible


Energy storage

Mineral processing

Chemical processing


At the core of Calix’s diverse and versatile innovations is a pioneering technology that reimagines the “calcination” (or kiln) process, enabling innovative and more sustainable applications and materials.

  • Clean fuel compatible
  • Can capture high purity off-gas
  • Processing fine ore
  • Convert low grade ore into high value products
  • Can boost yield by shattering mineral micro-crystals
  • Rapid chemical reaction and phase change capability
  • Boost mine ore yield through higher extraction and fines processing

Technology Features

Electric calcination

Calix electric calcination is the next step in thermal mineral processing. The world is shifting from the use of fossil fuels over to clean, adaptable technologies. Calix technology enables this transition to clean fuels, while maintaining flexibility with process integration and energy source.

Fine wastes

Waste fines are a challenge for many mine and mineral processing sites. Fine material often has to be discarded due to low mineral concentration or difficulty in handling and processing of fine material. Calix technology overcomes all of these challenges by thermally processing fine material.

Higher extraction

Calix technology is able to produce an ultra-high surface area ‘mineral popcorn’ which enables higher extraction efficiency of some mineral types. Mineral processing Phase changes and chemical reactions can be done in seconds instead of hours. Calix can help you analyse where our high surface area technology fits in your process.

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