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In helping improve the sustainability of water and wastewater treatment, Calix helps minimise the environmental impact of water treatment, while reducing operating costs.

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Water and wastewater management is a challenge that can threaten vital waterways, with impacts on health and environment.

Water is a fragile resource that needs to be protected at all costs.

With water scarcity already affecting more than 40% of people on the planet, and 80 % of our wastewater flowing back into the ecosystem without being treated or reused, fundamental changes are needed to conserve water, improve public health and safety, protect natural ecosystems, while improving the economic efficiency and overall performance of water treatment systems.

Water and wastewater management help protect freshwater systems, our oceans and human health, as detrimental pathogens, nutrients and other types of pollution are prevented from entering the environment.

There is a global imperative for every nation, regardless of its available water, to contribute to smarter, more effective water treatment.


ACTI-Mag, a solution for wastewater management

Calix ACTI-Mag is a cost-effective approach that help utilities, councils and industry manage pH and alkalinity, H₂S, FOGs, odour and asset corrosion in an increasingly urban world, without compromising our health, land or waterways.

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ACTI-Mag success stories

September 03, 2020 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Agriculture
Application of ACTI-Mag in mine water

With Calix’s ACTI-mag, a mine in Central NSW neutralises the water and precipitates any heavy metal contamination within the water

July 09, 2019 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Municipalities
Magnesium Hydroxide liquid dosing for odour control, Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Replace lime and alum with Calix’s ACTI-Mag magnesium hydroxide liquid at Cassowary Coast Region, QLD, Australia.

November 12, 2019 \ ACTI-Mag \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Municipalities
Minimising odours in Hobart, TasWater

TasWater minimises odours at Hobart with Calix’s ACTI-Mag and Netco Pumps.


AQUA-Cal+ for aquaculture and lake remediation

Aquaculture has become the fastest growing food-producing sector, but productivity is already highly stressed by excessive fishing pressure, growing organic pollution, toxic contamination, and climate change. Calix AQUA-Cal+ is a water conditioner that safely improves water condition, reduces stress on animals and leads to increased harvest weight and survival rates, while reducing energy costs and protecting the environment.

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AQUA-Cal+ success stories

September 02, 2020 \ AQUA-Cal+ \ Feeding the Growing Human Population \ Aquaculture
Shrimp farming in Malaysia

AQUA-Cal aids in clarifying the water, controlling pH and releasing alkalinity as required, to aid in the digestion of organic

August 01, 2019 \ AQUA-Cal+ \ Feeding the Growing Human Population \ Aquaculture
Shrimp farming in eastern China, a farm in Jiangsu

AQUA-Cal improves the quality of water and thereby promoting better and healthy aquatic life at Rudong Huang Xiaohua Farm, Jiangsu

June 28, 2019 \ AQUA-Cal+ \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment \ Municipalities
Freshwater lake remediation, Petaling Jaya Town Council

AQUA-Cal+ a safe and effective method for treating lakes and water bodies at Petaling Jaya Town Council, Selangor, Malaysia.

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June 09, 2021
AMALGAM Mg(OH)2: alternative to caustic soda for wastewater treatment – with Birch Bay Water & Sewer

A safe and cost-effective alternative to the use of sodium hydroxide [caustic soda, NaOH] for wastewater alkalinity and pH adjustment

June 09, 2021
Magnesium Hydroxide’s Role in Sludge Compaction

Trying to determine how to improve wastewater sludge dewatering and compaction can be a very complicated process.  The root cause

January 07, 2021 \ Feeding the Growing Human Population

In this series, we will explore different aspects of aquaculture and define key characteristics of a more sustainable approach to aquaculture.

December 17, 2020 \ Calix Global Challenges
pH & Alkalinity – How are they related?

The relationship between pH & alkalinity is intimately connected with the chemistry of the aqueous bicarbonate equilibrium system. 

September 02, 2020 \ Improving the Sustainability of Water Treatment
Webinar – Mine and mineral processing water neutralisation and metal precipitation using ACTI-Mag

During the webinar, Michael Wheatland demonstrates how gold, copper, coal and other mines around Australia are using ACTI-Mag to neutralise process or waste water to achieve better costs, safer process and a better environmental outcome.


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