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Solving Global Challenges

Calix is a team of dedicated people developing a unique, patented technology to provide industrial solutions that address global sustainability challenges.

The core technology is being used to develop more environmentally friendly solutions for advanced batteries, crop protection, aquaculture, wastewater, and carbon reduction.

Calix develops its technology via a global network of research and development collaborations, including governments, research institutes and universities, some of world’s largest companies, and a growing customer base and distributor network for its commercialised products and processes.

Because there’s only one Earth – Mars is for Quitters.

Improving the sustainability of water treatment

Calix is developing safe, sustainable solutions to improve water and wastewater treatment performance.
Michael Wheatland about ACTI-Mag, Tte role of wastewater treatment in a more sustainable world

Michael Wheatland explains how to improve the sustainability of wastewater treatment using our product ACTI-Mag.

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Understanding our challenges

At Calix, we make a point of highlighting the challenges we want to solve. Phil Hogdson, CEO at Calix Limited, explains how to improve sustainability of wastewater treatment using our product ACTI-Mag.

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Making better batteries

Calix is developing advanced materials for lithium ion batteries.
Calix BATMn Reactor, a game-changer for advanced battery research

Back to the opening ceremony of the BATMn reactor, designed to make a range of nano-active materials for advanced batteries, where the need for precision control of the process conditions is critical for electrochemical performance.

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Introducing Tom Dufty & Calix BATMn Project

“We are in a position with global warming, where we can’t go back in time or undo what have already done… but we can try to evolve technologies to move forward and make a better future for us all” Thomas Dufty is an integral part of Calix’s BATMn project, which fuels technological developments in sustainable battery production.

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Responding to the threat of climate change

Calix’s technology is being used to help reduce CO2 emissions in cement, lime, and hydrogen production.
Official Project LEILAC construction time-lapse video

Watch a time lapse of Project LEILAC’s structure construction from the beginning to the ribbon cutting. It’s a significant step in enabling Direct Separation to become one of the principal methods of capturing the carbon emissions from the lime and cement industries.

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Project LEILAC core technology – Direct Separation

The LEILAC project is based on a technology called Direct Separation, which aims to enable the efficient capture of the unavoidable process emissions from lime and cement production.

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Simon Thomsen on the economical benefits of the technology for LEILAC Project

Simon Thomsen, Calix Project Engineer explains how Calix applied its technology to the cement and lime industries, by increasing the temperature, and improving the efficiency, performance and operativity of the process.

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Mark Sceats on the evolution of the Calix technology for LEILAC Project

Mark Sceats, Calix Chief Scientist, discusses the evolution of the Calix Technology behind Project LEILAC and the value of a collaborative approach with industry “the involvement of industry is absolutely critical” he says.

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We work cooperatively with each other, our team, our customers and partners worldwide,

to make a positive difference for the long-term.

Introducing Anna Tran, Safety Health Environment and Quality Manager

“We can’t continue improving things if we are not learning together and improving together. Safety isn’t just safety, everybody contributes to safety and to quality as a team…”

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Robert van Merkestein about BOOSTER-Mag, a sustainable alternative to conventional pesticides

Robert van Merkestein, Business Manager Bio-Active Materials at Calix Limited, explains how BOOSTER-Mag fills a growing need for safer crop protection solutions.

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