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Calix has created a series of webinars so you can take advantage of Calix’s know-how without leaving your home or office!

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June 11, 2020 \ Feeding the Growing Human Population
Webinar – Possibility of increase aquaculture growth and yield

August 19, 1 pm AEDT
In this webinar, we will be investigating how AQUA-Cal+ can achieve increased growth and yield by optimising a variety of conditions that contribute to healthy shrimp and increase in yield.

June 11, 2020 \ Feeding the Growing Human Population
Webinar – Optimisation of Grow out conditions in aquaculture systems

August 6, 1 pm AEDT
In this webinar, we will look at what are the best pond conditions for growth and how AQUA-Cal+ can help to achieve these conditions.

June 11, 2020 \ Feeding the Growing Human Population
Webinar – Control of Ammonia and Nitrite in aquaculture systems

July 23, 1 pm AEDT
In this webinar, we will look at the generation of Ammonia and Nitrite and the problems the farmer encounters. We will then explore the role of AQUA-Cal+ in absorbing Ammonia via the Struvite reaction.

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Past live streams

Solutions for Winery Wastewater

When at a winery, the last thing you want to think about is wastewater. And for most wineries, environmental impact of their operations is usually top of mind. Management of pH, alkalinity and anaerobic processes are critical to ensure that wastewater treatment system provides peace of mind, minimal odour and hassle-free operations at the winery.

Chemical Dosing Unit Solutions

In this webinar, Calix Business Development Manager Sam Sood and Calix Operations and Sales Engineer Shayne Rettke will discuss how Calix has leveraged a culture of innovation to provide fully customised services such as design expertise, engineering know-how, detailed engineering, installation & commissioning services to provide turnkey systems for chemical dosing.

Boosting Energy from a Cogeneration Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic digestion is a way of adding value to operations. It consists of converting organic matter present in the wastewater sludge into biogas for energy, while reducing the organic load in the treated water. But biogas production can be tricky. In this webinar, Michael explains how you can use ACTI-Mag to improve wastewater treatment performance and boost biogas generation.

Better pH & Alkalinity Control

A very informative, yet brief session from Dr Doug Kelley, one of the field leaders in pH and alkalinity control – to understand the basic chemistry that lies under the pH measurement and how alkalinity and other chemicals can affect wastewater treatment. Also learn about the differences between using caustic, lime and soda ash for pH control or  the cost benefits of using Magnesium Hydroxide products.

A Total Odour Control Solution

Calix offers a complete solution when it comes to hydrogen sulphide elimination, which is the primary cause of the majority of odour complaints from municipal wastewater systems. This webinar covers the application, benefits and service options available for councils and water authorities that wish to apply ACTI-Mag in their network.

Methods of Phosphate Removal in Wastewater

Calix ACTI-Mag may hold the key to maintaining the balance within the phosphorous cycle, enabling capture within waste water treatment solids which can be recycled directly back into the food chain. This webinar explores ways that you can reduce the phosphate within wastewater effluent while improving the quality of sludge.

COVID-19 – adapt your communication strategy

In this webinar, Calix Business Development Manager Michael Wheatland and General Manager of Marketing Audrey Barucchi discuss how Calix is adapting to the new ‘normal’ by reacting with a range of creative solutions to collaborate and communicate.

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